About Tornado Search

The Leader of Enterprise Search and Text Mining in Chinese.

Tornado Search Platform is the #1 choice to retrieve and extract information from massive files, documents, websites, tables, and any unstructured big data.

Tornado Technologies, launched in January 1999, has been dedicating to Chinese search technology along with continuous development of advanced information retrieval components, and targeted on providing high-quality software and technical services for enterprise objectives.

Base on the outstanding core search technology, Tornado Technologies provides a series of software services to various business requirements on efficiently mass information processing and information retrieval, and result in better knowledge presentation. With the adoption of unique patented technology components, each product line enables it's capability to support variety of information sources and formats, take into account security and access control, and process structured / unstructured data which features in extensibility.

As big data applications emerge, in order to fit various needs, Tornado Technologies has positioned itself as a professional Chinese search platform and software components supplier, which actively provides high-quality search components to cooperation partners and strengthens the benefits of enterprise information system. Including IBM, Microsoft, ORACLE, etc., Tornado Technologies has cooperated with many prestigious software and hardware vendors. As a result, which ever has requirements on Chinese search technology, Tornado Technologies is the #1 choices of the market, and has thousands of customers in Greater China.

In order to provide high-quality Chinese search technology to our customers and partners continuously, Tornado Technologies has been devoting to develop software technologies which enhance long-term competitiveness, including: distributed information retrieval for big data, natural language processing, text mining, automatic classification and summarization, intelligent agents, and other superior core technologies. Along with the achievements of leading technology, and professional services, Tornado Technologies can help partners complete heterogeneous information integration and achievement of value-added search applications.

Tornado Technologies provides the most leading platform of Enterprise Search and Text Mining in Chinese.

Tornado Search Platform

Tornado Search Platform (TSP) is designed as a high-performance, full-featured enterprise search with flexibility and extensibility. TSP supports various data sources and formats, includes files, documents, websites, tables, and other systems like IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint. The design of Data Virtualization Layer (DVL) in TSP enables its capability to capture data from any other system into an integrated search platform. TSP is implemented in Tornado patented core technology. With high search flexibility, the performance of TSP is much superior to any other similar commercial or open-source product. TSP provides fully-documented API (application programming interfaces in Java, C#.NET, and RESTful/JSON web services), which is developer friendly, flexible and extensible for any search applications.

Tornado Distributed Search

Tornado Distributed Search (TDS) is the product of Tornado with the cutting-edge technology to process huge amount of data and search load. TDS is designed in peer-to-peer networking technology, and can automatically organize many servers into a search network. TDS may distributed every search job to different servers adaptively, and in the meantime provides the capability of load balancing, fault tolerance, and high availability, to support any high-performance search applications.

Tornado Text Miner

Tornado Text Miner (TM) is the solution to process massive text data, especially in Chinese or English. With Tornado #1 best award-winning technology, TM may automatically extract various information from text, includes personal name, organization name, location and address, date and time, numbers, and important objects, topics, and keywords. TM uses the advanced machine learning technology and millions of documents to build the models, to achieve both high performance and accuracy. TM can extract valuable information from unstructured data, and turn them into structured data, for further business intelligence applications.

OpView - The #1 Social Listening Platform for Taiwan

OpView is Taiwan's leading Social Media Listening & Analysis service, based on the most advanced search / semantic analysis technology and cloud computing architecture, providing a fast and powerful tool for companies to understand their customers. OpView helps companies monitor, analyze, measure the brand reputation and the word-of-mouth (WOM) of their products or services over the social media. OpView covers more than 90% of all kinds of social media in Taiwan, processes the information in a real-time way, to aggregate and generate all the business intelligence for monitoring, analyzing, and decision-making.